Byte-Size works with many high profile clients and has received rave reviews from the press for our audio contributions.

Some of our clients include:

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"I really enjoyed the weird German techno soundtrack, and subtle but effective use of voice", sound rating 9/10."

- Electronic Gaming Monthly

"The sound and music are also excellent... The music, however, is really outstanding. The music selection ranges from catchy, jazzy numbers to more inspiring war themes. Truly an excellent use of conventional MIDI"

- MobyGames

"Dracula has a lot of eerie music... the music could have you jumping out of your seat in terror... the music in the game is exceptional if not impeccable. It appears that all the full-motion video scenes have actual musical scores to them, and it's very effective"

- Strategy Plus

"The sounds are a real jungle boogie... the music rocks big time!"

- GamePro

"The music sent chills down my spine."

- Electronic Games Monthly

"a funky soundtrack... excellent!"

- Nintendo Power

"the title theme...a pounding tune that deserved a much better game behind it."

- VideoGames & Computer Entertainment

"great sound effects... straight out of a Warner Brothers cartoon"

- VideoGames & Computer Entertainment

"The sounds add delightful dimensions to the game. Jazzy music percolates along with different rhythms for each level."

- GamePro